Welcome to our bar, with a unique and vibrant atmosphere! We are the ideal place to spend a fun time and enjoy delicious cocktails.

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There is nothing better than enjoying refreshing and delicious drinks while having fun in the sun, and immersing yourself in a magical and relaxing atmosphere.

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Welcome to our restaurant, the culinary destination that will transport you to the wonders of Costa Rica through its most authentic flavors! Visit our restaurant any day you wish for your favorite occasion! Open to the general public.

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We are waiting for you at the only luxury casino in the heart of Guanacaste, where excitement and entertainment come together to give you incredible moments that you will remember forever.

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Relax in a paradise like no other! Our massage experts will provide you with a unique and magical experience in front of the sea.

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What to do in Playa Flamingo!

Catamaran excursion

Explore the crystal-clear waters of Guanacaste's most beautiful beaches aboard a sail and motor catamaran. Enjoy a relaxing journey on the sea, take refreshing swims in the open blue waters, and indulge in a picnic under the Pacific sun or the golden sunset of Playa Flamingo.

Water activities

Discover the thrill of the sea and embark on unforgettable adventures under the radiant sun! Come and immerse yourself in a world of fun and adrenaline with our exciting water activities. What are you waiting for? The sea is calling you, and fun awaits! Come and enjoy the aquatic adventure of a lifetime.

Deep sea fishing

Set off on a fishing boat to discover the best spots for deep sea fishing; encounter barracuda, marlin, dorado, and many more.

Canopy adventure

Experience the freedom as you glide through breathtaking landscapes and observe the surrounding nature. Don't miss the chance to soar through the wilderness and create unforgettable memories! Don't wait any longer to embark on an adventure filled with excitement, adrenaline, and happiness.

Horseback riding adventure

We invite you to live an unforgettable experience, traversing beautiful trails that wind through lush and unique landscapes. Observe and enjoy the native wildlife and flora, feel the fresh breeze and the warm sun caressing your skin as you immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and harmony with the environment.


Get ready for an exciting, adrenaline-packed adventure as you explore spectacular natural landscapes aboard an ATV! Come and experience the thrill on four wheels and immerse yourself in the beauty of Costa Rican nature while having the time of your life.

Beach equipment rental

Elevate your beach experience to a VIP level with a wide selection of equipment and accessories available for rent! Enjoy a perfect day under the sun in the most comfortable way possible.